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Random from My OC's by others

My characters did get lucky to have been drawn from others hands! For a present, or for my contest.
Thanks to them to gave them love! :heart:

Random from Comme un courant...

As a Running...
- Air, on your nose, blowing,
Surprising you.
As a Running...
- Water, clapping
while dragging you.
As Running,
Because to see them leave, I run
It's also to wait for them quicker, to return.


I'm still amazed and proud of their productions. Here, the works of people I'm following especially. [ Friends, Those I +watched back, ect.]


Cid' - Charbre Sauvage
Artist | Student | Varied
... is still a rookie in working progress (with an ODD SUN CONTRAST, hin-hin).

You may say that I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one (easy, easy, singing Lennon). I'm a curious kind; curious of pretty everything, but mostly humanity from who I learn a lot (It can pass by my neighbourhood, friends, strangers...) and still on the process studying. A forever and ever student who'll never have finish feed her mind. And this is a kind of fun since I will become a French teacher for stranger (FLE) and maybe in English too, soon as I finished my correspondence courses! I'm currently studying (slowly) some martial art and trying to easy my anxiousness (which makes my body act as a low battery) and my... I should say "dysfunctions"? (Each people's got physical problem, I'm trying to get rid of mine as much as I can).

I like to share feeling. If I can do this little thing, with my writing or another media, it makes me livelier. A kind of… Life’s purpose? I'm a talkative, easy-going, emphatic, open-minded person, an attentive observer with a good judgement. So, it helped a lot.

I'm interested in a various kind of Art's medias, as drawing (the traditional or digital's way), painting (oil is such difficult!), photography, writing, sculpting and even music if I've got the time! I would like to achieve a level enough to create freely, and not be hindered by each difficulty I would meet. I'm currently working on it.

I'm a tree and more generally; nature's lover. I've got two demons cats (Pacha and Kuraï, I draw them often). My friends called me "the Catree" because of my liking for trees and... Well, my behaving is, sometimes, similar to cats, I guess? (No, I'm not mewing all the time, nor putting any cat's ears on my head! It's more about a generally cat's mind. I can see things people don't take attention, or I'm -well- not the more demonstrative type, not often afraid, too curious of everything, very lazy, and like to try out sometimes... high places, I'm quite agile, and always distract by moving things - I CANT control it, it's very disturbing!).

That's all. A little summarize to have an idea of me. :floating:

I Speak French Stamp by Apple44 Tree Hugger :LOVE: by Sao-irse Hopeless Dreamer by SsGirlo Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 Only Soul Matters by SaerwenApsenniel Life is - I love Iroh Stamp by patronustrip Writing: My Anti-Drug. by Hurricane-Hannah

My FB's Page:

My 13 Oc's Contest RESULT!

Wed Sep 25, 2013, 8:53 PM

-> [En français plus bas]
First of all...

I didn't expect that much participation, I would have been rather happy with my minima of 13 entries, since I know how amateur's Oc's contest are difficult to hold, and difficult to get any participation (at least, it was what I though from the view I had from anothers Oc's contests), I though that the more entries I would have would be mostly from friends I already knew; but things is, I've been overwelmed and astonished by your participations. Really, I'm feeling very cherished to get your attention and more of all: your effort and participation.
I'm very thanksful, since I know how it cost to try to understand some characters who aren't yours from the start (yes, I tried to enter in Oc's contest by myself too), to pull of your strenght in, all of you love (because you're ending by loving the character you're drawing - at least, it has been my case). And even more effort when the shape, the details, expresion, costumes are really complicate to realize. When you actually make them to live? I just have to say I will never get bored of looking all the work you guys, did. 
I see them lively, in your style. And it feels damn well!

There is tree more reasons I'm happy to have hold this contest:
  •  It make me discovers others amazing artists, and even getting friendly with some of them, make me want to follow their evolve, their future works even more. And making me even more humble to get such interest in my amateur's contest ;).
  • Second reason is also based on social mention: this contest make people interact with each others, you guys didn't only make your entry by yourself, but pick an interest in others contestants, and discovered by yourself others peoples you came to like.
  • You make me though about of my OC with different angles I used to see them, some of you find common point between them from those I didn't have reflect yet,this will help me a lot to make them live on the same plan with your vews of things, it will help me to create the whole world around them since they are all be created for different universe, you sometimes gave me the thread I need to put them together: thank you so much!
Just for those reasons, I will never regret to have done this contest (even if it exausted me with a strong organization!). And I'm even sure I will make another in future (not before one or two years, a bit more prepared with some descent charasheet and probably trying to make it more interesting - I'll already have to prepare the next year #BizouxArmy's contest!)!

BRIEF! Stop talking, we should came to what you really want to know, do we ?


46 contestants!

Ceux qui ont tenu leur promesse! 46 participants!
    :iconbluedinosaurrawr: :iconriepocaliptica: :iconnoindys: :iconzapriaby: :iconlittlestarartist: :iconlulufangirl: :iconteterence: :iconriolu1020: :iconcaterpillar96: :iconkaelu-mae: :iconcatiprojectc: :icondispelled-from-grace: :icongetsuart: :icondjial: :iconolinore: :icontheidealmistress: :iconmister-gemini: :icontrollkaruby: :iconstrawberryflamingo: :iconelequinoa: :icondviouslecunning: :iconrena-circa:  :iconritsusoul: :iconmarion-elric-anarchy: :iconkoushirogames: :iconyansenwijaya: :iconubilo:  :iconfrostfeder: :iconcelska: :iconloumun-versen: :iconepicgenerator: :iconlenewe: :iconlooveel: :iconsky-ripple: :iconlilenee: :iconline-arts: :icondrschlass: :iconkitkat-la-blatte:  :iconiw4: :icontheresem97: :icon786sanary123: :iconlulolana: :iconnubblebubble123: :iconfitfulmouse: :icontommygakarian: :iconsallyboogeyman:

All of their amazing entries can be found in [THIS FOLDER] (just click!).
Toutes les très chouettes participations sont visibles dans ce [dossier] (Clic!)


Les gagnants sont...


Mon premier coup de coeur par...

:iconnoindys: - ALCID & EÖL

Alcid by Noindys 

Eol, the one winged magician by Noindys


Mon second coup de coeur par...

:iconlooveel: - KALIEL & MONODIELA

Kaliel Mearas by Looveel [contest] Monodiela by Looveel


Mon troisième coup de coeur par...

:iconlulolana: - KATRYN ZOLNEROWICH

Kat Goldilocks by Lulolana


Mon quatrième coup de coeur par...

:iconlenewe: - ÂNÂHITÂ & CARMINA

Anahita Noun by LeneWeCarmina-Vermeil De Calion by LeneWe


Mon cinquième coup de coeur par... 

:iconmister-gemini: - SYRIÄN

Syrian, The Tiger's Spirit by Mister-Gemini


[50/100 bonus points by category- will only concern those which aren't yet in the main pool] - I choose them by category, the one it fit from my first though even if some would have fit in others category too. Since I favourite the "none cumul points", when a participation was already somewhere, I'd chosen the other which will fit then. It's also the case when the category where already filled, then my choice had gone to the second where your work would have fit.
[FR]Ces prix concernent uniquement ceux qui ne font pas parti des cinq premiers coup de coeur. Je n'ai pas cumulé les bonus, même quand un dessin correspondait à plusieurs catégorie: j'ai généralement choisie celle qui correspondait le mieux (quand elle n'était pas déjà prise).

  • ABOUT DIRECTION/STORY-BOARD [100pts] - Mise en scène: Carmina, Kaliel, Dr Sakel

      Come to be treat by RitsuSoul

  • ABOUT LIVELY IMPACT [100pts] - Le dynamisme: Eöl

      The one-winged magician by Kaelu-Mae

  • "MY OC WITH YOUR OC" [100pts]: Hazel & Eöl's confrontation

      Feral Children's Sketch by Celska
    Even if had hesitate a lot with Iw4's entry ;).

  • ABOUT SYMBOLIC [100pts]: Carmina-Vermeil

      Cidiene's Carmina-Vermeil De Calion by Sky-Ripple

  • ONE OF THE MOST MAGICAL [100pts]: Ânâhitâ

      Cidiene's Contest :: Anahita by Elequinoa

  • ABOUT FEELING (here melancholia) [100pts]: Any

      Any in the parc by djial

  • ABOUT COMICAL/ABSURD /les plus cocasses [50pts each]:
    Asphodèle² & Dr Sakel

      Double Asphodèle by Loumun-Versen Doc Sakel(Cidiene original characters) by Drschlass

  • MY FAVOURITE FROM EACH FOUR POPULAR'S CHARACTERS DRAWN (with at least 7 works on, from those that aren't on the main pool or in another category yet) - [100pts each] /Parmi les réalisations de mes personnages les plus populaires (ceux qui ont au moins 7 dessins), mes préférées::
Eöl (& Ubris)& Alcid
    Eol et Ubris by kitkat-la-blatte Alcid || Concours. by SallyBoogeyman
    Ânâhitâ & Monodiela
    Anahita Noun by caterpillar96 It kid by TrollkaRuby

  • ABOUT TECHNIC/MEDIA[50pts each]

      Traditional (Trois & Asphodèle) - Digital (Ânâhitâ)

      In the kindom of blindness the one-eyes is King by IW4 Anahita by Getsuart

  • MOST SURPRISING - La plus inattendue [100pts]: Eöl Trad' 3D

      Thrown from sky 3D version by koushirogames

    Well, It's also the contestant who provided the most entries number, as you can see:
    Thrown from the SKY by koushirogames Alcid bizoux army 3D version by koushirogames Alcid bizoux army by koushirogames BREAK UP 3D by koushirogames the water  divener by koushirogames

- NUMBER 13 - random bonus.

Those wich received +5pts beeing linked to the "13" number (as 13° participation, 13x2 entries, 13° participants, ect... or for beeing the first):
    Anahita Noun (WIP) by riepocaliptica Any in the parc by djial Concours Rp by Ubilo contest entry by epicgenerator Anahita by Getsuart  Thrown from the SKY by koushirogames  In the kindom of blindness the one-eyes is King by IW4 raph and sora by 786sanary123

And each of you would have received 13 pts to have entered for both participating and from the donotion's box!
Et chacun d'entre vous recevra 13 pts pour avoir participé (les points de donations ont été divisés et sont compris dans l'attribution!).

Benefactors: They kindly make the prize growing with point, llama, features or drawings ;)!
Ceux qui participent ou ont participé à enrichir les prix avec des points, des llamas, des features ou des dessins ;)!
    :iconlosenko: :icontheriom-rasputin: :iconslambaux: :iconecorynv:  :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconcontestsandgiveaways: :iconkitkat-la-blatte: :iconnoindys: :iconelequinoa: :iconiw4: :iconriepocaliptica: :iconrena-circa: :iconriolu1020:

How did I proceed to choose and how will I proceed for the prize-giving from now

It has been really REALLY difficult. Since I didn't expect that many entries, I had to ask friend for help, to choose the main winners. I would have make many more "winners" (I prefers to talk about "those artist who stroke my heart with their participation", but it's a bit too long, I had the expression "coup de coeur" in french, litterally "stroke to the heart", but it doesn't seems an accurate expression in english). So, I asked friends to choose one drawing they like the most (and have added their comment with mine on your own deviation's page! Though, you'll have to be patient, I have more than 60 comment to post, I don't think I can do it in only one day!).
Some of my choice whould have been based on emotion, composition (scene/storyboard), effort, research, when it would even more fit to the character and my immediat reaction (if it cause something at first sight such as smile, laugh, been amazed, nostalgia ect!).

The kind people who help me to choose
    :iconapple-eve: :iconbobythewisdom:  :iconkitkat-la-blatte: :iconsalemioche: :iconvalo-kuuva: :iconsectionvii: :iconbyhty:  and my fiancé.
Yes, of course! You did have seen some of them and their comment on your deviations ;)!

Prizes-Giving: A little after this announce (meaning, on the same day or followings days), I will give you your prize. For the main five winners, I will send you first a note (to know if you prefers membership or points, and for some others mathers).
I will post each comment I had prepared since you first gave me your work (as I said, more than 60 comment to post, it will took time!).
For the frees commissions drawings offered by my donators, you will have to ask by yourself (by notice) what do you wish from them (according to what they have said to offer), if some do not understand your english, you can send me your wish, and I will translate it.
When you are both a donator and a winner, I will then replace you, so you just have to send me your wish by notice and... be really patient. ;D
Be aware that it will take time (can be days or months!): be patient, it's a free present they generously accept to give ! ;)

Some stat (of the Oc's done)

63 of my characters had been represent for 60 entries.
    Ânâhitâ: 10 - Eöl: 10 - Monodiela: 9 - Alcid: 8 - Asphodèle: 5 - Katryn: 5 - Carmina: 5 - Any: 3 - Raphaël: 2 - Lieutenant: 2 - Kryss: 2 - Kaliel: 2 - Syriän: 1
Funny things, the more complex characters are those who were the most favourited!
Such as Monodiela with it twisted personnality and back story (I get some much different Monodiela, you really make me enjoyed it!), or Eöl, who was'nt easy to do with his wing and costume, not a lot dared to draw his dragon with him (thing I can understood, he is already complex to draw by himself, none talking with his dragon's companion!), and surprisely Ânâhitâ (I know, I know, the more complicate sleeves ever done) who probably get so much attention because of her friendly-naive nature (and because she's a red hair girl, and her freckles, of course!). I did get scared that some of them didn't get any attention (for... Well, take the example of Any, the bus -boring seems- driver), but no. Each of them did received some love, none had been let behide. I just love you all even more for that.

If you would like to see work (not only from the contest) especially about the same characters, I made different favourite gallery folder for each "popular" character as (just click on): Eöl, Ânâhitâ, Monodiela, Alcid, Carmina, Asphodèle, Katryn.
Though, I did made a .stash where the contest entries are ordered by characters ;).

PS: Make this journal entry made me become nearly bald, it took me hours to come to a decent result (damned css! Damned html! Damned DA!). è.é

Again, and again: Thank so much for your attention, yours participations and your patience! I hope you did enjoyed you work as much as I liked it (except when I had to make my choice, this was the only depressed moment!). You made me thanksfull for ever!

FRENCH PART/ En Français

Traduction des pavés anglais disséminés plus haut.

Avant tout...

Je n'aurai jamais oser espérer autant d'engouement pour mon concours, et je m'estimais même heureuse si j'atteignais un minima de 13 participations, puisque je sais ô combien il est difficile de "réussir" un concours amateurs avec au moins quelques entrées (du moins, c'est ce que je pensais en ayant assisté à la tenue de quelques concours du genre sur Deviantart). Je pensais que la majorité des participations viendraient surtout de mes amis; le fait est, que j'ai été à la fois aussi stupéfaite que bouleversée par ce flot de dessins!

Honnêtement, je pense que je suis très chanceuse d'être ainsi choyée, d'avoir bénéficié d'autant d'attentions et plus encore: de votre travail et de vos participations.
Je vous suis vraiment très reconnaissante, d'autant que je sais ce qu'il en coûte d'essayer de comprendre des personnages qui ne sont pas à vous (oui, j'ai moi-même essayé des concours de ce style), d'y placer toute votre énergie du moment, toute votre affection (parce qu'on finit par aimer les personnages qu'on dessine - du moins; c'était mon cas). Et même d'avantage; quand la forme, les détails, l'expression, les costumes sont compliqués à réaliser. Et quand ils voient enfin le jour? Je veux juste dire que je ne lasserai jamais d'admirer les oeuvres, le travail que vous avez tous accompli.

Je les vois devant moi (sur l'écran), bien vivant et dans votre style. Et ça fait un plaisir fou!

J'ai trois autres raisons de me féliciter d'avoir organisé ce concours:

  • Cela m'a fait découvrir de nouveaux artistes incroyables, de devenir potes avec certains, cela m'a encore plus donné l'envie de suivre leur progression, leurs évolutions. Et je me suis sentie bien humble de recevoir autant d'attention pour mon petit concours très amateur ;).

  • La seconde raison est aussi axée sur du social: ce concours (aussi amateur soit-il) a permis de faire interagir des personnes qui ne se connaissaient pas entre elles. Non seulement vous avez créée quelque chose pour les besoins du concours, mais vous vous êtes aussi intéressés à ce que faisaient les autres, vous rendant curieux de tous leurs travaux; et franchement, m’apercevoir que vous discutiez ensemble (même quand ce n'était pas à propos du concours!), et bien j'étais bêtement contente.

  • Enfin; vous m'avez donner de nouvelles idées, avez éclairé certains personnages d'un angle nouveau. Parfois en mettant le doigt sur des poings communs que je n'avais pas encore remarqué, d'autres fois simplement par une expression: vous m'avez donné envie de me remettre sérieusement au travail. Tout ce que vous avez fait ici m'aidera beaucoup à construire et enrichir le monde dans lequel ils évoluent/ront, puisqu'ils viennent tous originellement d'univers vraiment différent. Vous m'avez parfois offert le lien nécessaire qui justifiait leur cohésion (sans vous en rendre compte!): Merci!

Pour toutes ces raisons, je ne regretterai jamais d'avoir lancé ce concours (un peu sur un coup de tête d'ailleurs, et même si ce dernier m'a épuisé par la solide organisation que je n'ai jamais relâché). Je suis pratiquement sûre que j'en referais à l'avenir (bon, pour un perso, ce sera pas avant un ou deux ans, il sera mieux préparé avec des références dessins plus convenables et j'essaieraient de le rendre plus intéressant - J'ai déjà à préparer le concours de la #BizouxArmy pour l'année prochaine!)!

Bref, trêve de bavardage et passons aux choses sérieuses [cf l'étalage des résultats plus haut!]

Comment j'ai fait mon choix et comment se déroulera la suite (la remise des prix)?

Cela a VRAIMENT été un choix très difficile. Puisque je ne m'attendais pas à une telle affluence, j'ai du demander à des amis de m'aider à choisir les principaux gagnants (enfin je préfère dire "coups de coeur" ou bien encore "Ces artistes qui m'ont foudroyés par leurs oeuvres" mais c'est un peu trop long). J'aurai vraiment aimer vous offrir d'avantage de prix (mais mon porte-monnaie me tire déjà la tronche). Donc j'ai demandé à des potes de choisir les deux dessins qu'ils aimaient le plus (oui, seulement deux. Et non, certains ne se sont pas contentés que de m'en choisir deux, bien évidemment), et de me dire pourquoi (quand ils y arrivaient).
Leurs commentaires seront ajoutés aux miens au moment où je devrais poster ce que j'ai préparé pour chacun d'entre vous (sur la page de vos oeuvres, et avec plus de 60 participations, ce risque de prendre un petit peu de temps!).

Certains de mes choix se sont surtout basés sur le ressenti, la composition (la scène/mise en scène), l'effort, la recherche, quand cela correspondait encore plus au personnage ou une de mes réactions immédiate à la vue de votre dessin (comme un éclat de rire, un sourire, l'étonnement ou bien un afflux excessif de bave, ect!).

Les potos adorables qui m'ont donnés leurs avis:
    :iconapple-eve: :iconbobythewisdom:  :iconkitkat-la-blatte: :iconsalemioche: :iconvalo-kuuva: :iconsectionvii: :iconbyhty:  and my fiancé.
Et oui! Vous avez sans doute aperçu certains d'entre eux réagir sur quelques oeuvres!

A propos de la remise des prix: Ce commencera à se faire un peu après cette annonce (c'est à dire dans la journée ou les jours qui suivent), je vous remettrai vos prix. Pour les cinq principaux gagnants, je vous enverrai d'abord une note (pour savoir si vous préférez un abonnement à DA ou les points, et pour autre chose aussi).
Je posterai ensuite chaque commentaire que j'ai préparé dès que vous m'aviez remis votre travail  (comme je l'ai déjà dit, avec plus de 60 commentaires à poster, cela risque de prendre un peu de temps!).
Pour les "free commissions", les dessins offerts, vous devrez demander à chaque artiste vous-même (par notice) ce que vous voulez d'eux (à partir de ce qu'ils étaient prêt à donner, conformément à ce qui a été établi dans ma liste de prix), si certains ne comprennent pas votre anglais (ou en l’occurrence: votre français), vous n'aurez qu'à me l'envoyer d'abord et je traduirai.
Quand vous faîtes parti à la fois des gagnants et de ceux qui contribuent aux prix, je vous remplacerai dans le prix que vous auriez du recevoir (de vous même hohoho, faudra s'en contenter!), donc vous n'aurez qu'à m'envoyer ce que vous souhaitez en dessin par note et... être vraiment très patient. ;D
Soyez conscient que cela peut prendre du temps (des jours comme des mois!): montre vous patient, c'est un cadeau gratuit qu'ils vous offrent très généreusement! ;)

Quelques stats (des personnages réalisés)

64 personnages ont été dessinés pour 60 participations!
    Ânâhitâ: 10 - Eöl: 10 - Monodiela: 9 - Alcid: 7 - Asphodèle: 5 - Katryn: 5 - Carmina: 5 - Any: 3 - Raphaël: 2 - Lieutenant: 2 - Kryss: 2 - Kaliel: 2 - Syriän: 1
Etrangement, c'est majoritairement les personnages les plus complexes qui ont été le plus réalisés!
Comme Monodiela avec son étrange personnalité et son histoire (J'ai eu beaucoup de versions très différentes que je ne peux qu'apprécier!), ou bien Eöl qui n'est pas exactement le plus aisé à réaliser avec son aîle et son costume. Peu (mais j'en ai eu quand même!) d'ailleurs osèrent représenter son dragon (ce que je peux comprendre, il est déjà suffisamment difficile tout seul, alors ne parlons pas de son compagnon!), et, à mon grand étonnement (peut-être que je ne devrais pas l'être?): Ânâhitâ (Je sais, je sais, les manches les plus compliquées que vous n'ayez jamais vu) qui doit probablement sa popularité à son côté candide (et parce qu'elle est rousse avec des tâches de rousseur, ne nous leurrons pas!).

A un moment, j'ai eu peur que certains des personnages de ma liste soient mis de côté (en même temps, il y avait tellement de choix, que je m'y attendais), comme par exemple Any, le chauffeur de bus qui pourrait paraître ennuyeux... mais en fait non.
Chacun d'entre eux a été aimé, aucun n'est resté dans l'ombre d'un résumé. Et rien que pour ça, je ne peux que vous aimer encore plus.

Si vous souhaitez voir d'autres représentations de ces personnages (pas seulement du concours), j'ai créée quelques dossiers de favoris pour les plus populaires (vous n'avez qu'à cliquer sur leur nom):  Eöl, Ânâhitâ, Monodiela, Alcid, Carmina, Asphodèle, Katryn.
Bien que j'ai aussi une page .stash où les participations du concours sont classées par personnage ;).

PS: Venir à bout de ce journal a failli me rendre chauve. Cela m'a pris des heures pour obtenir quelque chose de décent (Maudît CSS! Foutu HTML! Exécrable DA!). è.é

Encore, et encore: Merci! Pour l'attention que vous m'avez porté, vos participations, votre patience! J'espère que vous avez eu autant de plaisir  à bosser sur vos oeuvres que j'en ai eu à les admirer (excepté les sueurs froides pour vous départager ;)). Je vous en suis reconnaissante pour toujours!

News + Featuring first 10 to post!

Thu Jul 18, 2013, 11:41 AM
[En français en bas]


The Rules: * The first 10 people commenting this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their gallery will be put on the list below!/ Les 10 premiers a commenté auront trois de leurs oeuvre affichées dans cet article* If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place. /Si vous commentez, faudra réaliser cet article aussi dans un de vos journaux en me mettant en première place.* The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!/ L'idée c'est pas d'avoir un feature gratuit mais de répandre l'art de chacun partout!

1. From :iconyashy:  ->this isn't right by Yashyyo man i really like your tie by Yashytbyp by YashyDifficult to choose since there is a lot of things I do love about her art ;) - and her expressions! Her color's shade! She's really talented!

2. :iconriepocaliptica: ->Elizabeth by riepocalipticaFireflies by riepocalipticaSquid by riepocalipticaI really love how she manages her light and shade, and how she improves so much in each drawing! But i'm really impress by her traditionnal's drawings too ;).
3. :iconnoindys:Alcid by NoindysGrenada by NoindysEol, the one winged magician by Noindys
Another of a french artist I discovered lately and from who I'm really impress each time she add a new work. She improve so much in each of her work! I love her eyes but most of all, her composition, she knows how to put the main focus so well, it's very intense each time!

4. :iconelequinoa: ->Ishal - Angry Girl by ElequinoaMonodiela - Gift for Cid by ElequinoaCidiene's Contest :: Anahita by ElequinoaAnd one frenchie (with whom I'm talking a lot! XD), once more! Who do have a really rich world and a nice and "naive" style (but not naive story, dont get me wrong!) I really like (and a great soft colors palet!). And more of all, she does draw MANLY characters. I shall underline this fact. Each of her character's face had singular features that made them more particular for me, it's not the same nose ever, we can see she studied the various way of an human face!

5. :iconbluesoulber:Sunrise - Self Improvement Contest by BlueSoulberStubborn Camel ! by BlueSoulberEmeterius and Elurra - Where's my good boy? by BlueSoulber
An artist I didn't know before! Who seems to really like kissing scene and have a nice way to portrait many different kind of expressions! (:

6. :icondustpigeons:Regards by dustpigeons Svenja Malevic by dustpigeonsCo-conspirators by dustpigeons
I'm ashamed to not give her more attention, since she really deserved more! She's got a way for regards, to make them intense and different each time, I really like her color palet choice too!

7. :iconlooveel: -> When Berth meets God page 10 (french ) by LooveelOz Vessalius/Bezarius (Female) by Looveel[contest] Monodiela by Looveel
I'm especially fan of her works, she was one of my contestant (I discovered her this way) I gave me a  lot of surprised and amazed reactions by her works. Her drawing are always very thought, there is a lot of reseach in each of them, she's always trying to overtake her own limit. And, none about the less: she's got a tone of humor. If only you can read about her comics, you will cry from laught ;).

I'm actually trying to make some decent charasheet and... To enter in tree different contest (For someone who barely respect dead-line, it's like I was going to kill myself ;D), wich all end... At the end of the month (so merely IN A WEEK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh I just realize that one of them get an extension, Lucky me! Just two of them to do!).
If you're also interested by the challenge; feel free to join! Afterall, some of the people who joined my previous contest already did something for the first, haha! It's fun to find them around here!

update: CONTEST. CLOSED!!<UPDATE><10/31/2013> the contest is now officially CLOSED!! thanks for those who have participated both in submitting entry and giving prizes. i really appreciate that :''') i had to stay over at a friend's house because the friggin internet is dead (real halloween is in town, speaking of halloween i went skating with costumes with fellow skaters yesterday lol) in my apartment goddammit i paid an unreasonably pricey rent there :1 anywayssss i'm gonna announce the winners tomorrow afternoon (cause i'm gonna be at school so yeah internet) staaaayyyy tuned! </UPDATE>
<UPDATE><09/27/2013> i think i'm gonna extend it a lil bit more, sorry guys i know it's unfair for some of you. the new deadline would be 30 october 2013 i'm a little busy right now that i'm back from holiday, haven't replied comment etc etc and haven't updated the entries as well ;; i'll get back to you again soon!</UPDATE>
Fressande : Mouahahaha !Last News | Commissions | Special Thanks

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Mouahahahaha(January 24th)
(Une petite note plus guillerette pour casser un peu le spleen qui règne sur cette page... XD)
I deadly wanna do a Fressande fanserviiiiice...................... Deaaaaaaaaaaaaaadlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..................................
Who do you like to see, if in a pinky, shinny world, I would let you choosing ? 8D
EDIT : Ok, tout le monde s'en tamponne la coquillette, donc pour la peine je vais faire un fanservice sur Molly... Parce qu'elle le vaut bien ! U0U
English issue
(November 17)
Since the beginning of the webcomic, I have always worked for noticeable readers and I have a few ones on the french version who give me enough motiv
Contest: Draw My OCs (Closed)Thank you everyone for entering!
Please check your entry is in the correct folder, or over here:
Final deadline: 1st December 2013, Midnight GMT
The title says it all, really ;)
Choose from the OCs listed below or anyone else you find in my gallery, and draw them! You can do as you like with them- draw them with your own OCs, take them to AUs, or just illustrate a scene you imagine with them. Be creative, and most importantly- have fun!
The grand prize is a tablet, and there are two to choose from, as well as a multitude of other fantastic prizes!
One is a Wacom Bamboo Pen + Touch Tablet:
The other is a�Trust Flex Design Tablet:
Both are near-new condition and work excellently- the only thing they're missing is the outer packaging. Each comes with the tablet itself, a pen and nib replacement tool, all

PS: I didn't make any of the "featuring prizes contest" yet, since I'm really random at writting journals, but it will be done, of course! Sooner or later! I don't want to put to much picture on the same journal (and well, there is already some of the winners in there XD) :).

Spiders? You say Spiders? [From 18/07/2013]

I don't have any specific problems with insects. I'm a nature lover's kind, with all the hugging/climbing tree things. I'm not afraid easily, and quickly fascinate by thing which move, even more when it's the first time I discover it. Still, I'm not too carefree about it, and don't try to catch everything with my bare-hand now (I used to do it, yes).
BUT I think, there is definitely something bothered my relationship with spider. I don't hate them, I find them quite interesting, but I'm a little too much appreciate by them, for my taste. And my body... My body really hates them if I consider my overreaction when I've be bitten.They must have a grudge against me, a wanna-be-spider-vendetta-for-ever, probably born in my childhood.They must have pass the word. I have to admit: Yes. I did collaborate to the death sentence of this HUGE yellow and black spider which made her web between the two tree on my grand'ma garden's edge. I was 5, and had been really impress by this one, and even a little stray girl I was this time, understood that this spider... Wasn't ANY spider. It was a spider boss which I couldn't deal all alone. That's why I called my grand'ma back then.
And believe me, I wasn't the kind to scream over insects, that's why Grand'ma follow me instantaneously, and then had been astonished by this queen size. She never had been the scare type too. I can remember very clearly when she cast the brick upon the web, which the spider's legs exceeds.
AND EVEN NOW, the curse is still beyond me. It just has to be one bite, not even depending of the size, and the biting's part began to swell as a ball with the need to scratch my skin over blood. 5 days ago? My right feet. Tree day ago? My right hand (which has really had been a problem to draw or to do anything).

SO I'm going to perform as a BILBO BAGGINS over all the giant spider to put an end of this stupid vendetta. But come on spiders, it was a long time ago and you were on my grand'ma territory, with all the biting I had receive since then, could you not considerate us as clear?

Araignées, vous avez dit Araignées? [Du 18/07/2013]

Je n'ai jamais rien eu contre les insectes. Au contraire, la plupart m'intriguent et dès qu'un nouveau truc bouge autour de moi, cela attire irrémédiablement mon regard. J'ai pas non plus peur des araignées, et je préfère les faire sortir que de banalement les écraser MAIS il se pourrait bien qu'il une vendetta entre elles et moi, datant de ma prime enfance!Parce que si je ne les déteste pas, elles... m'adorent. Et mon corps lui, ne parait pas le supporter, au vu de ses réactions à la moindre morsure (je gonfle comme un ballon de baudruche à l'endroit de la morsure, sans compter l'irrémédiable envie de se gratter jusqu'au sang, bien entendu).
Je pense que ça remonte à loin cette histoire, quand j'ai collaboré à la peine capitale d'un monstre arachnide du haut de mes 5 ans.C'est que même si j'ai jamais été couarde, et plutôt du genre sauvage, j'avais compris que cette ENORME araignée noire et jaunes, au fond du jardin.... Elle pouvait faire bobo. Et que j'arriverai pas à gérer toute seule. D'où l'appel de super Grand-mère qui à l'époque avait suivi sans poser de question, immédiatement, tant je ne l'embêttais jamais avec les insectes habituellement.Je me souviens encore clairement des pates qui dépassaient de la brique qu'avait jetée ma grand mère sur la toile de cette Reine Araignée.

Je pense que depuis, elles se sont forcément passer le mot. Du genre, advitam eternam jusqu'à qu'elle s'envole à force d'avoir gonfler, la donzelle (moi). Je fais un piètre charbre. Je survivrais pas dix secondes en Amazonie! :DNon mais sans rire les araignées, vous voulez pas un peu me lacher la grappe? Le pied y'a 5 jours, la main droite (bordel à c*l, je suis droitière!) y'a deux jours, qui m'a sérieusement handicapé pour dessiner...J'vais finir par faire mon bilbo Saquet moi, et combattre des araignées géantes histoire de régler mes comptes une fois pour toute!
Ou alors, on est quitte pour toutes les morsures que j'ai subi depuis l'enfance? ça vous dirait pas, hin?

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